Our Value Proposition

We deliver value to you through expanding your insights,
knowledge and understanding, leading to the discovery
of new possibilities in your business and personal journeys.

Lode Star Strategy Consulting

Our Service Offerings

Strategy Facilitation

Performance Management

IT Governance

What we do

Lode Star Strategy Consulting CC was founded in 2006 by Robert Payne.  Since then he has delivered consulting services in the fields of Strategy (enterprise envisioning, strategy facilitation, formulation and implementation using Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards (including training therein), IT Governance & Management (enterprise governance of information technology using the COBIT® framework) and Business Relationship Management (provision of training leading to accreditation with the Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) as a Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®), and facilitation of GamingWorksGrab@Pizza business simulation).

We have consulted to various organizations, small and large, in various industry sectors including government, utilities, telecoms, mining, agriculture, financial services, state-owned entities, transportation and logistics.

Our approach to our clients draws heavily on deep management and technical experience gained over more than four decades in industries such as consulting engineering, natural foods import / export and distribution, IT services, geographic information systems, tertiary education, water utilities, and transportation.

Our value proposition

Running a successful enterprise is similar to conducting an orchestra; the leader (conductor) coordinates the efforts of all the enterprise resources (the musicians, their instruments and their individual musical scores) by communicating, coaching and energizing the people doing the work (musicians) for the benefit (delight!) of the customers (the audience).

We play an important role in building the necessary capacity at all levels of the organization to make this happen.


We deliver value to our clients through expanding their insights, knowledge and understanding, leading to the discovery of new possibilities in their respective business and personal journeys.

This is achieved through:

Improving Relationships, Knowledge and Skills

Effective communication is the means through which ideas, knowledge and information move from person to person.  It is therefore vital that at the start of every engagement the necessary building blocks for effective communication are identified, and placed together in an interlocking pattern that represents each person’s position in the overall picture.

Only once this has been done does it become possible for the participants to begin the often-tough process of discovery without feeling vulnerable about their own positions in the greater scheme of things.  We therefore place strong emphasis on obtaining maximum benefit from each and every interaction with you and your people from the outset.

Workshop Facilitation, Mentoring and Training

We engage with people at all levels in the enterprise, helping them to lose their fears, encouraging them to speak out and debate, thus stimulating lateral thinking.

Challenging existing beliefs and habits, teaching new (to them) concepts, delivering training via formal classroom sessions, imparting new techniques through on-the-job mentoring and teaching by example, are some of the activities we employ.

Strategic Analysis Of Your Business

Every business leadership team needs to know how their enterprise is positioned in its industry, its markets, its region, and at a global level, what factors are having, and likely to have significant impacts on business performance, whether positive or negative.

Using various techniques specially customized and therefore suited to each situation, we draw on the extensive and continually evolving body of knowledge and expert publications of thought leaders covering all aspects of strategy, in order to discover what significant issues should be factored in to the determination of strategic intent.

Strategy Formulation

Facilitating the definition of the enterprise mission, vision and core value proposition, and the strategic objectives designed to achieve desired outcomes for the enterprise, the so-called “hard part” of strategy is perhaps the easy part of the process.

Visualization of the enterprise strategy using Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard techniques and tools is done using graphical methods which also serve to communicate the strategy through all levels of the business.  Alignment of the business unit, and in particular the IT strategy and application of the IT governance practices and procedures using the COBIT framework forms an integral part of our customer value proposition.

Achieve overall enterprise performance improvements in your company!

We facilitate the holistic integration of enterprise IT governance with corporate governance practices, the implementation of strategic IT management practices, and the principled application of appropriate business processes, information technologies and both individual and team-based human knowledge and skills.

Strategy Implementation

The “soft” part of strategy is about managing change, and in particular, managing people without whom there would be no business to begin with.  The key to success is to enable the management of performance through the establishment of business processes to which specific accountabilities and responsibilities are assigned.

This makes it possible to practise continuous monitoring and evaluation of performance in relation to defined measures and performance indicators, thus providing the opportunity for continuous dialogue between managers / supervisors and business operatives (“staff”), focusing on the achievement of performance targets.